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Profitability Ratings of Traders on the the project "Master-invest"

1 471.7% per month
2 245.4% per six month
3 181.6% per month
4 163.9% per quarter
5 148.5% per quarter
6 111.6% per year
7 109.9% per quarter
8 109.8% per quarter
9 105.8% per six month
10 97.2% per six month


1 Shmanay Roman Aleksandrovich 321% for 30 trading days
2 Butenko Andrey Aleksandrovich 89% for 30 trading days
3 Eremin Maksim Igorevich 76% for 30 trading days
4 Kitiev Gilani Kureyshevich 75% for 30 trading days
5 Erkhov Vladimir Vladimirovich 74% for 30 trading days
6 Chaus Vitaliy Sergeevich 74% for 30 trading days
7 Zukhova Arina Amurovna 73% for 30 trading days
8 Gaifutdinov Marseille Zabirovich 71% for 30 trading days
9 Bugulov Sergey Aleksandrovich 60% for 30 trading days
10 Bekoev Ilya Sergeevich 60% for 30 trading days

TeleTrade news

General news

5 December, 14:02

Starting December 5, 2017, TeleTrade is providing its clients with an opportunity to buy CFDs on ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) from Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC, with leverage levels of up to 1:20.


20 May, 10:10

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market review

1, August, 10:50

The unemployment rate in the euro zone in June fell to 11.5% from 11.6% recorded in May. This is evidenced by the official data of the Bureau of Statistics of the European Union. Thus, it can be a signal of a gradual exit of the currency bloc from financial crisis.

Analytics of the markets

Лента новостей и аналитики

Economical calendar

Time Region Event Prev Forecast Actual
08:30JapanTertiary Industry Index -0.2%
10:30FranceNon-Farm Payrolls0.4%0.2%
13:30United KingdomRetail Price Index, m/m0.1%0.3%
13:30United KingdomProducer Price Index - Input (MoM)1.0%1.5%
13:30United KingdomProducer Price Index - Input (YoY) 4.6%6.8%
13:30United KingdomHICP ex EFAT, Y/Y2.7%2.7%
13:30United KingdomRetail prices, Y/Y4.0%4%
13:30United KingdomHICP, m/m0.1%0.2%