About the company


TeleTrade - a financial company, allows investors from all over the world to expand their financial opportunities through trading in the international financial market. The company provides many tools for financial transactions.



Since 1994, TeleTrade has provided clients with services for the financial markets: providing comfortable conditions for trading CFD and currencies.


Awards TeleTrade

TeleTrade Company has actively worked for more than 20 years in the financial market, constantly raising the quality of services for clients. Company activity is regularly marked by various prizes and awards that shows it to be one of the best companies of Forex brokers in territory of Russia and the CIS countries.



Since TeleTrade is constantly expanding and evolving, we are willing to offer people the opportunity to join the business and be part of it, allowing them to earn income from mutual cooperation.
The main forms of collaboration are: by franchising, or as an introducing broker



We trust: successful business is possible only in a normal society.
Any company grows and develops, held in respect of the clients and partners only until remembers simple human values: a family, happiness, respect, pleasure, creativity.
Therefore TeleTrade helps those who will build our future: to children and talented youth. We constantly search for decisions which bear advantage not only to our business, but also a society in which we live.



An important part of the TeleTrade is education. The purpose of educational programs created by TeleTrade to spread knowledge about the economic and financial systems in order to improve the financial literacy of the population. In addition, TeleTrade established and operates an educational center where everyone can learn how to trade the financial markets, increase knowledge in the field of economy, and attend master classes and special workshops



With our Center for Public Affairs (press center) TeleTrade clearly demonstrates the openness of the company and its goodwill to the media. All information about the activities and employees is in the public domain. Also on the site you can find and press kits TeleTrade. For more information you can always call the representatives of the Press Centre.



As a major employer, TeleTrade is looking for new specialists and professionals. Our company has repeatedly demonstrated the highest and most comfortable conditions for development and career growth, for which the company was awarded with such awards as the "Employer of the Year in the financial market" and an award for "For the creation of jobs."


  • General news

    16 November, 11:11

    Dear Clients,

    We are delighted to announce that on November 15, 2017, our company is expanding its range of CFD on stocks. The new instruments are now available to trade.

  • Regional news

    20 May, 10:10

    -How did you learn about the quiz?

  • Secrets of the trade

    1, August, 10:50

    The unemployment rate in the euro zone in June fell to 11.5% from 11.6% recorded in May. This is evidenced by the official data of the Bureau of Statistics of the European Union. Thus, it can be a signal of a gradual exit of the currency bloc from financial crisis.