May 2014 20

Davit Zurabyan, 1st place

-How did you learn about the quiz?

- I learned about the game from the Internet, I was looking for video when suddenly I noticed your advertisement about intellectual game, at first I did not take seriously, but in any case I decided to register and participate.

-Were you aware that the game was organized by TeleTrade company ? And have you ever heard about TeleTrade company ?

- Honestly, I did not hear about the company before. When I registered and started playing regularly, and on the game website I read, that the organizer of the quiz is TeleTrade company.

-Did you expect to win?

- At the first stage, when I started to take part in quiz, my attitude was not serious, I was not thinking about victory. At the stage the questions were a little bit complicated, so the victory was a surprise for me, to be honest, I did not expect.

-What did the quiz give you?

-I cannot mention the knowledge that I gain due to game and the most important and unexpected for me was the real trading account on 3000 dollar, which means that I will be able to work in the financial market: Thank TeleTrade company for this award.