Let's do business together

We suggest to you to participate in our partnership programs and to use known international brand TeleTrade to make profit for yourself. Start to develop the business with us. Choose the variant of cooperation most convenient for you.

The Representing broker

Do you enjoy interacting with people? Can you easily find a common language with all? You know how to trade with various financial services or want to learn it? You have the time and opportunity to disseminate information about TeleTrade and attract customers to our company?

Then this program is for you. Communicate, tell people about TeleTrade, bring them to us and get rewarded for it. Attracting customers to our company, you give them the opportunity to earn high income from which you earn interest income. The more customers you bring to us, the greater the amount of your reward..

The more clients you lead to us, the there will be more sum of your compensation.


You communicate with people

Extend the information about TeleTrade
among the acquaintances

Your acquaintances open the account
in TeleTrade

You receive % from the transactions
resulted by you of clients

We create allconditions for successful sales:

  • We provide promotional materials (brochures, souvenirs, etc.);
  • Conduct training courses on financial services offered by the Civil TeleTrade;
  • We advise on all aspects of sales.

The Franchise

You want to have your own profitable business? Are you interested in the area of financial services? Do you know how to organize a company in your area and know how to build business processes on used models?

Then we invite you to open under our brand your own business.


You open your business with TeleTrade

You will get all the profits from the provision of information and consulting services provided in your office

TeleTrade gets spread at fulfillment of trading operations by your clients

When you open your business with us you get:

  • carry our brand;
  • ready-made business model, making profit;
  • information support to our staff;
  • assisting with the advertising company in your region (our marketing department creates advertisements specifically to the features of your area).