Educational activity

The important part of work at TeleTrade group of companies is an educational activity.



    The centre of studying of currency-exchange trade (ЦИВБТ)

    TeleTrade is engaged in extensive research on how the financial markets function.

    The financial market is rapidly developing and there is an urgency in progressing the research of the features of the market, and a search for new possibilities of how to increase profits. In this work, not only theorists in various scientific research institutes should be engaged, but also experts who see the market from within everyday, and those who are able to profit from it. Taking into account that TeleTrade is centered around the studying of currency-exchange trade, a Forex Center has been created. The founder of the Center, Irina Kaverin, the author a the textbook on Forex market, is also the developer of a special approach toward the analysis of the financial market..
    In this Center, the market is studied in-depth, which is the basis of educational courses for TeleTrade clients. This knowledge taught in the courses are especially valuable and raise the quality of trade for the graduates of the Center. In the Center, only those experts who have successful experience in the trading in the financial markets are teaching. These experts share with the students of the training courses not only theoretical knowledge, but also examples from a private experience. Each teacher of the Center has a unique strategy of trade and an individual method of analysis of the market.
    An important part of the work of the Center is its cooperation with leading High Schools of the country, particularly from the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova and Financial university at the government of the Russian Federation.

    This Cooperation goes in two directions:

    • To research othe financial markets;
    • To grant students special knowledge of trade in financial tools.

    Within the limits of the second direction, the academic course of lectures which is read by experts of the Center is developed for students of the Moscow State University.


    TeleTrade needs qualified personnel for operating in the financial market.

    The further development of the financial market in Russia directly is connected with youth. In particular with students of economic specialties who should work in financial sector of the country and to improve it.
    As a rule, theoretical knowledge which is given in HIGH SCHOOLS is not enough for qualitative work in financial sector, as a whole, and in the financial markets, in particular. Those who want to construct good career in this sphere important from within to look as the market as on it the trade is conducted functions, what tools on it bargain and how to make their estimation. All this knowledge can be received only in practice and from experts.
    TeleTrade is interested in qualified personnel for the financial market, the special attention it gives to training of students and granting of trade practice by it in the financial market. Our experts hold seminars and master classes for students of leading HIGH SCHOOLS of the country, including for students of the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova and Financial university at the government of the Russian Federation.
    The best students have an opportunity to pass training in one of 150 offices TeleTrade and to be employed in our team.


    TeleTrade puts up money in the country future.

    The important contribution to business of preparation of qualified personnel for the Russian financial market is stipendium program TeleTrade for the best pupils of the Moscow HIGH SCHOOLS: the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova and Financial university at the government of the Russian Federation. Within the limits of it every year on a competitive basis the best students who within a year receive the additional nominal grant from TeleTRADE pass out.


    TeleTrade is interested in the population that has a correct understanding of the financial market.

    Till now the majority of Russians do not use it as a source for earnings. In many respects, this is a result of low level of financial literacy of the population. Very few people understand, how the financial market and that tools in which on it trade represent works.
    Experts TeleTrade impart the knowledge of the financial market, acting in mass-media, holding various seminars and master classes calculated on a wide range of listeners, and also reading the whole courses of lectures in leading HIGH SCHOOLS of the country.