Since 1994, TeleTrade Group of Companies has provided clients with services for the financial markets: providing comfortable conditions for trading CFD and currencies.



    TeleTrade gives access to Internet trading on the basis of the reliable trading platform MetaTrader.

    • Tools ForexTeleTrade gives the chance to earn on the difference of exchange rates, allowing access to the international currency market Forex.

    • CFD*TeleTrade Offers the clients CFD on a wide spectrum of exchange tools:

      • Gold;
      • Silver;
      • Oil;
      • Stocks of the New York Stock Exchange, companies such as; Bank of America, General Electric Company, Intel Corporation, Jonson and Johns, Coca-Cola Company, Mcdonald's Corporation etc. are placed

      *CFD is the derivative financial tool, allowing to get profit via the difference of the prices of the various actives traded at the international share and raw stock exchanges (gold, silver, oil, actions, etc.). The active, on a difference in which price consists the contract, is called as base active CFD of the contract. This tool allows to take the income, both on the increase, and on fall of the price of a base active, which is an unconditional advantage in times of crisis when the financial markets has an established bearish trend .


    Experts at our company will help you with all questions connected with trading currencies or CFD-contracts. They will help you with difficult situations in the market, and will inform you on when it is advisable to make a trade, as well as show you how to be protected from all possible risks.

    For the clients, we create an individual strategy of trade. This strategy is:

    • Tailored to suit ones personality
    • Specific to individual preferences regarding profitableness and risks;
    • Selection of trading tools and drawing up of individual trading strategy.

    Experts at TeleTrade carry out consultations for choosing the best ways OF investment. This service is for those who wants to earn in the financial markets, but for whatever reason do not want to trade independently.

    In providing this service, our experts:

    • Inform clients about various forms of asset management;
    • Work closely with the client to develop rules and principles on which the client manages his/her capital;
    • Help clients with working out of their investment strategy;
    • Consider possibilities at which the client can earn profit via management by professional independent traders.

    To make it easier for investors to find traders who will increase their capital, TeleTrade has created the projects «Traders’ board» and "Master-investor".

    «Traders’ board» — partner of TeleTrade project company OOO " Traders’ board."

    OOO « Traders’ Board" developed a project for investors and traders, the essence of which is the placement of public information about traders (traders’ base) and provides the investors with the opportunity of self-reliant choice for further cooperation and collaboration. Within the project is formed one of the largest and updated base of traders.

    The project allows investors to:

    • receive information about traders who have experience of trading on currencies or CFD-contracts;
    • choose a trader on one's own who will carry out transactions on the investor's account on his behalf and at his own expense;
    • conclude an agreement with the trader on individual conditions;
    • use the mechanism Stop-Out, allowing to restrict the permissible reduction of funds in the account;
    • gain profit from trading with currencies and CFD.

    Master Investor is geared towards allowing investors who do not have trading experience or time for constant and attentive supervision of the market, to earn by using the knowledge and abilities of our skilled traders.

    Thanks to the newest computer program, Investors can:

    • Watch the trading activities of our Master traders and to choose among them the most successful strategy;
    • Automatically copy commercial transactions of the chosen Master traders into your trading account;
    • To get profit proportionally to that of your selected Master trader(s).

    For 20 years TeleTrade offices have been hosting educational programs focused on increasing the financial literacy of clients and teaching them the skills of successful trading. Years of successful work have been shown in the high efficiency rate of our programs.

    Our educational programs are geared toward a wide range of listeners. For each client, programs are chosen based on individual circumstance.

    In deciding program choice, the following is considered:

    • Level of preparation of the client, and their knowledge of the financial market (there are basic and advanced programs);
    • Time availability of the client;
    • Client’s preference of training place (whether visiting of office or distance learning).

    All programs combine theory with trade practice on the demo account (for beginners) or the real account (for those who already have trade experience).

    TeleTrade and the Moscow State University actively co-operates with the largest high schools of Russia, along with the Financial University at the Government of the Russian Federation, “МГИМО”. Experts from TeleTrade give lectures to the students about the financial market and give master class on the various themes, concerning trade in financial tools.


    At TeleTrade, we have highly professional experts in the field of economy and the finance. Analysts at TeleTrade are constant experts of such large mass-media, as RBC, the Businessman, BFM etc.

    Our analysts constantly follow the economic and political situation in the world, and any other changes in the world financial markets (currencies, shares, raw materials). On the basis of this information they:

    • Form a selection of the most important news related to the behaviour of the markets;
    • Prepare state-of-the-art reviews and forecasts, helping to make the decision on fulfilment of commercial transactions.

    All analytical products on our site are available for open access.