TeleTrade membership in self-regulatory organizations

Attention is paid to TeleTrade and organizations in the field of regulation of the financial markets on the part of the Russian trading. The main focus of activity in this area - providing a comfortable environment for the participants of Forex market of our country, as well as the creation of an effective legal framework.

In doing this, TeleTrade became one of the founding members of the self-regulatory organization "Center for regulation of OTC financial instruments and technologies" (TSRFIN), as well as a member of the Commission on the Regulation of Financial Markets Relations.

Participation in TeleTrade TSRFIN

Self-Regulatory Organization non-profit partnership "Center of regulation of OTC financial instruments and technologies" (SRO NP "TSRFIN") is the first in the Russian sphere to have such a plan for the Forex market.

The scope of activities and plans of SRO NP "TSRFIN" includes:

  • establishment of regulations aimed at creating standards for market regulation;
  • protect the interests of traders and other financial market participants.

All members of the organization are divided into groups, depending on the scope of their activities. TeleTrade is part of a group of Forex service providers.

Read more about the activities of SRO NP "TSRFIN" here.

Requirements for members of SRO NP "TSRFIN":

  • there is a legal entity which is registered in the Russian Federation (in order to provide services to customers of the company);

  • the presence of a minimum set of capital and traders to hedge risks of non-payment. All companies must be located in Russian banks;

  • members of the organization must comply with a list of organizational and ethical requirements, which were adopted in the analysis of international experience. The requirements include: providing information on the activities of the company, being informed about the risks in the trading process, the correct promotional information, etc.

Due to the fact that the TeleTrade is a party to that organization, we have the opportunity to influence and participate in the formation of the Forex market, as well as to assist in the protection of the interests of all participants in this segment.

Participation in TeleTrade KROUFR

The Commission for the Regulation of Financial Markets Relations (KROUFR) is a non-profit organization that strives for civilized relations between the Russian financial market participants, as well as developing services and the quality of their provision in this segment.

Memberships in KROUFR is prestige and guarantees that the Forex market participants will seek to ensure the rights of investors and traders.

TeleTrade became one of the founders of the organization in order to provide for its customers and provide legal protection for the qualitative development of their activities.

Read more about the activities of KROUFR here.

Mission and goals KROUFR:

  • creating the necessary conditions for coordinating the activities of participants in international financial markets;

  • help in reducing the risks of the international financial markets;

  • methodological work on the creation and implementation of standards trading in the financial markets, as well as ethical rules and civilized ways of solving conflicts;

  • the base of the insurance fund for customer Forex brokers (dealing companies) are members of the KROUFR;

  • assist in the creation of the necessary conditions and improve the quality of services provided;

  • impact on improving the legal framework and regulations in the functioning of financial markets;

  • information and analytical support of international financial markets;

  • research activities aimed at identifying trends and prospects in the markets, and the introduction of new technologies.

Main activities of KROUFR:

  • Resolving conflict between the participants in financial markets;

  • Certification of companies involved in the financial markets;

  • Monitor the implementation of the obligations of certified companies participating in the market.