Forex training

At TeleTrade, all conditions necessary for proper training on how to trade on Forex and in all other financial markets are present. Modern methods of training are developed, taking into account the level of preparation of the pupil, as well as the extent of their employment.


Бесплатное обучение

TRAINING IN OFFICEto register in training

In your city there is an accessible TeleTrade Office available for you to visit. It is advisable that you personally visit our office to receive relevant information and personally discuss training with one of our teachers.

Training at a Teletrade office will allow you:

  • to communicate with our advisers, who are certified professional traders at TeleTrade;
  • to combine the theory and practice of trade;
  • to participate in thematic seminars and master classes from the best traders;
  • to receive daily reviews of the market;
  • to delve into the trade atmosphere in the currency market and to feel the trader.

The base course at office (3 lectures and 3 practical occupations) is free. The prices of advanced programs of training, additional seminars and master classes can be specified at your local TeleTrade office.


DISTANCE LEARNING to register in training

If you don't want to spend a lot of time for training, or you have no possibility to visit our office, then you might be a candidate for distance learning, which features includes:

  • video data with lectures from the best traders;
  • flexible hours of training: from 9AM to 9PM every evening, each weekday (you have the ability to regulate the intensity of your course load);
  • the ability to study any place with Internet access;
  • ability to communicate with our advisers via Skype (from the very beginning of your training you will have a constant personal adviser for the Forex market);
  • ample opportunities of exchange of information; thanks to Skype you can not only talk to the personal adviser, but also receive from your advisor’s council on transactions made by you online.

The initial course of distance learning, (5 individual (occupations) for pupils with any level of preparation) is free. The prices of other programs of distance learning can be specified to you at your local TeleTrade office.



It is a basic level of training to trade on Forex. You are given elementary knowledge of the market, necessary to form the basis for trading.

This level is provided at all offices free of charge, and includes three lectures and three practical training.


This level is intended for those who already have experience at trading and who wants to improve quality of their trades and transactions. It is provided by various teachers who possess profound training and experience.

The price of this level of training can be specified to you at your local TeleTrade office.


    Basic free training lasts on the average 2 weeks and consists of two stages.


    These lectures cover the following:

    • what is the Forex market;
    • what benefits, in comparison with other types of investment, Forex gives;
    • the actual system on which you will trade;
    • what influences change of market prices;
    • how not to miss the moment where it is optimal to sell or buy a certain currency;
    • what subtleties of the biddings are necessary for beginning trader to know in order not to take a loss in the market, how to minimize risks;
    • different methods of analysis of behavior of currencies;
    • how to achieve substantial profits in the market.

    This stage is meant for you the student to identify whether this type of investment and market suits you specifically.


    Trade beginning

    Three practical classes with trading on your demo account will begin after you have gotten acquainted with basics of the Forex market and are ready to learn how to profit from it.

    During a practical training, together with your personal consultant, you will start trading on a demo account.

    Such occupation breaks into two parts:

    • 1 hour – an explanation of introduction concepts: tools, tactics, and strategy.
    • 1 hour – direct use of these tools on your personal demo account.

    Intensity and lesson schedule is determined by your personal schedule.

    Game occupations

    Occupations occur in groups. Interesting situations in the market are demonstrated, various tactics of market behavior are explained, and original strategy of trade are discussed.

    During occupations, pupils are shown market behavior models of various situations which they can then put into practice. But the main thing, in the course of game, is the overcoming of the psychological barriers which prevent many from entering into the market. This will allow the pupil to have the psychological capability to trade successfully on their real account.

    Along with a free basic training course (3 lectures and 3 practical occupations) you can visit various thematic seminars and master classes. They are led every week according to the separate schedule which you can be specified to you at your local TeleTrade office.


    Following the results of the basic training course, you will possess the knowledge necessary for successful trading in the Forex market. Also, you will receive a (certificate on passing of rates); which is considered one of the main documents possessed by professional traders.

    However, this course completion is only the beginning of the long work necessary to fully comprehend the subtleties and secrets of Forex market.

    If you decide you would like to learn these subtleties and secrets that will maximize your chances of trading success, following the passing of your basic course, you can move on to the advanced training program.


    Advanced level of training is provided by the top professionals in the Teletrade office. Programs are developed for successful traders having gained trading experience.

    At this level:

    • special trade strategies from the best traders of the market are taught;
    • various methods of the analysis of the markets and forecasting of trends are studied in detail;
    • Professional traders’ tactics earning profit are shared.

    Features of programs of advanced training, as well as the price of these programs can be specified to you at your local TeleTrade office.


TeleTrade offers you training programs of different level of complexity. The optimum course is formed individually by analyzing the needs of the pupil and depends on level of knowledge and their practical skills of trade.