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We provide training materials on Forex; both literature and audio and video data on CD and the DVD. Materials are prepared by experts from TeleTrade. They will help you to study the Forex market independently.

You can choose any books necessary or disks from the below-stated list and order them by mail.

TeleTrade recommends:

Peter Pushkarev
Mechanisms of adoption of trade decisions in the FOREX market

(The book - 496 p. + a CD-application)

In this book there is a lot of good information on Forex.

The author of the book, Peter Pushkarev, is a trader with over 15 years experience of trading. He has operated in the market for a long time, and understands all subtleties of the market, which he now shares them with the readers.

In the book Peter:

  • shares secrets which he himself uses in trading;
  • tells why some methods of forecasting don't work;
  • explains how to avoid widespread mistakes which are made by beginning traders.

All theoretical explanations are accompanied in the book by examples and convenient illustrations which make this book an actual interesting read..

The book; an irreplaceable source of fundamental knowledge of the market, is definitely a must-read for the "advanced" trader.

Along with this book, there is an accompanying CD with 12-hour training video.

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(DVD with the video course).

This is a DVD video prepared by specialists of the TeleTrade company.

The video contains unique content; with valuable advice and recommendations about trade in the International Exchange market (Forex).

On this disk are 9 base lessons (each lesson is 30 minutes).

These videos will teach you;

  • how to perform trading activities;
  • how to analyze the market;
  • how to successfully trade in the market.

These videos also illustrate by specific examples how it is possible to earn in the market. They will also explain:

  • the most widespread mistakes which traders face;
  • trading activities that lead to profit.

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Morozov I.V.
FOREX: From simple to the difficult. (5th edition)

(The book - 328 p.)

The book is devoted to origin history and the current state of the world exchange market. The following are considered:

  • internal organization of the exchange market;
  • the main methods of the analysis of the financial markets, allowing one to predict market trends.

In this book the reader will be shown the functioning of Central Banks of the largest developed countries of the world, and methods and tools which they use in carrying out their monetary policy.

Also, this book contains list of the main macroeconomic indicators which can influence the exchange market.

The book will be interesting not only to traders, but also those who are interested in world economy, in particular the organization of bank systems of the largest countries of the world and the history of the world system of the currency relations.

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