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Investments with TeleTrade gives you the chance to receive income in the financial markets, without actually having to trade yourself. TeleTrade will help to choose the best traders who will personally trade in the financial markets and earn for you.


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«TRADERS’ BOARD» — partner of TeleTrade project company OOO " Traders’ board."

OOO « Traders’ Board" developed a project for investors and traders, the essence of which is the placement of public information about traders (traders’ base) and provides the investors with the opportunity of self-reliant choice for further cooperation and collaboration. Within the project is formed one of the largest and updated base of traders.

The project allows investors to:

  • receive information about traders who have experience of trading on currencies or CFD-contracts;
  • choose a trader on one's own who will carry out transactions on the investor's account on his behalf and at his own expense;
  • conclude an agreement with the trader on individual conditions;
  • use the mechanism Stop-Out, allowing to restrict the permissible reduction of funds in the account;
  • gain profit from trading with currencies and CFD.


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«SYNCHRONOUS TRADING» seamlessly combines the advantages for both Investor and Trader by enabling them to make money simultaneously.

For Investors

This is the opportunity to make a profit by using traders' knowledge. You get an income by copying trades of the traders you selected in automatic mode. There is no need to make a decision in regard to every trade, nevertheless you are the one who makes a major decision when to stop trading.

For Traders

This is the opportunity to get a reward (commission) for letting Investors copy from your account. The higher your position in the Rankings, the higher the limit of Investors you may connect to, which results in higher commission gained.

The advantages of Synchronous Trading are:

  • Control – You are able to copy trades in automatic mode, and you can also stop for a while or continue your collaboration with a trader you selected at any moment.
  • Training – Learn by analyzing trades executed by Traders and enhance the accuracy of your own trading decisions, getting ready for individual trading.
  • Transparency – The Traders' Rankings fluctuate on a daily basis according to an objective and comprehensible score-based system.


1 Shmanay Roman Aleksandrovich 321% for 30 trading days
2 Butenko Andrey Aleksandrovich 89% for 30 trading days
3 Eremin Maksim Igorevich 76% for 30 trading days
4 Kitiev Gilani Kureyshevich 75% for 30 trading days
5 Erkhov Vladimir Vladimirovich 74% for 30 trading days
6 Chaus Vitaliy Sergeevich 74% for 30 trading days
7 Zukhova Arina Amurovna 73% for 30 trading days
8 Gaifutdinov Marseille Zabirovich 71% for 30 trading days
9 Bugulov Sergey Aleksandrovich 60% for 30 trading days
10 Bekoev Ilya Sergeevich 60% for 30 trading days


1 471.7% per month
2 245.4% per six month
3 181.6% per month
4 163.9% per quarter
5 148.5% per quarter
6 111.6% per year
7 109.9% per quarter
8 109.8% per quarter
9 105.8% per six month
10 97.2% per six month

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TeleTrade creates all conditions for successful investment in the financial markets

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Consultants at TeleTrade:

  • Will tell about forms in which it is possible to carry out investment in the market;
  • Together with you will develop rules and principles on which you will manage the capital;
  • Will help with working out of your personal investment strategy;
  • Will consider possibilities which will get you profit by using the skills and expertise of professional independent traders.

Our projects will help to find the best traders who will increase your capital.
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