How to earn on Forex and other financial markets

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This section will help you to understand what is forex market and CFDs

It is created specially for those who wants to get acquainted with the interesting, and fascinating world of finance.

Educational material in the form of graphs and analyze them:

  • show how and how much you could earn over the past week;
  • Will explain how price changes affect the fundamentals of various assets;;
  • Will teach beginners the basics of market analysis.

With us you will learn how to make transactions in the market and to get profit on trade.

The information collected in each given section, will allow you to make the first steps in the world of the financial markets.

If you want to learn more about it , to understand, how the markets work and as well as how to make profits on them then come to our training courses.

On our courses, skilled traders will share with you the knowledge and will tell:

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  • As commercial transactions are carried out;
  • How to trade yourself and make profit;
  • How to insure yourself from losses during trade;
  • How to predict market trends.

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The prices of various financial instruments depend on many factors. Several distinct groups of fundamental factors. In order to trade profitably, it is important to understand how these factors affect the price, and be able to make predictions based on their analysis. Below you can look at real-world examples, it looks like this analysis.

The fundamental factors influencing the financial markets:: Financial factors; Political factors and influential world news; Macro/micro-economic factors; Natural occurences


Currency - the most volatile tool. Variability is its basic quality. This gives one the possibility to highly profit in a short span of time. The currency market is the largest market in the world and possesses the highest liquidity. The currency market cannot have everything fall at once, like the stock market does, as the falling of one currency means that there is an increase of another currency in relation to the one that fell. It is possible to earn on a difference of exchange rates regardless of the direction of change. Even in a time of financial crisis it is possible to earn profit from the correctly chosen variety of currency pairs.


Gold Gold is a so-called safe-haven investment which has historically been seen and used as a conservative investment. Investing in gold has been seen as an investment of safety over a long period of time. Usually the price for gold is stable, and to earn on it is possible in the long-term . However, during times of uncertainty in the markets, investors have considerably raised demand for this commodity, which has made the prices for gold more variable. In such situations, trading CFD on gold gives one the chance to earn both on increase of its price, as well as on a decline in its price.

Share indexes

The share index is an indicator of change of the prices for group of securities. It reflects the general trend of movement of the market. Tracing of dynamics of change of indexes is necessary for a situation assessment in the market. Depending on the selected indicators, indexes provide an overview of changes in the individual sectors (for example, if the calculation of the index are selected only the shares of the commodity sector) or the whole market. Trading of shares - a difficult task. It is much more convenient to track the indexes that reflect the general trend in the market and trade on their differences. Predicting the change in the index is much easier than changing to any other instrument. This makes it a very profitable trading tool.


Shares is a classical investment tool which has always interesting to the large investors, wishing to earn at the expense of development of their companies and growth of their capitalization. The stock market has a huge number of shares of different companies. To make profits on them, you need to constantly be aware of macroeconomic events, keep an eye on companies corporate news, try to understand financial statements.. A major shortcoming in stock trading is a high amount of entering the stock market (about $ 25,000).

Trade in shares through CFD gives the chance to trade with smaller sums and thus making profits both on increase of the price of shares, and on their fall.


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